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New app helps visitors and locals explore Orange

By Lucy Nell

A new tourism mobile phone app developed by Orange City Council is expected to have major benefits both for visitors to Orange and long-term residents.

The ‘Explore Orange’ mobile application was released on the Android and Apple stores this week and will be ready to assist the thousands of visitors in Orange for FOOD week to find their way around.

Orange City Council’s Economic Development Community Committee chair Cr Jeff Whitton said the Explore Orange app will be a handy tool whether the user has been in Orange for five minutes or five years.

“The app will help visitors, and local residents who have people visiting, not only find out what is on, but where it’s happening and how to get there,” Cr Jeff Whitton said.

“The visitor market has become very mobile-based, and we need to do the same to ensure that visitors and residents get the optimum experience while they are here in Orange”

The new app will help visitors find things that are relevant to them, such as where to park a car with a long caravan attached near the CBD or what cafes are nearby.

“One of the best functions of the app is the ability to see at a glance how close-by things are. For example, if you select café and hit the map button, it will show a map with the location pins for the 47 Orange cafes listed on the app, as well as providing directions or how to get there.”

The app draws information about a broad range of businesses and experiences, from travelling with pets to the location of sports venues in the city, from historical sites to family fun.

“It’s possible too that residents can easily forget what the Orange region has to offer. With this app, they can download it and discover what they have been missing locally and show their visitors more of what Orange has in store. Likewise, visitors can download it and experience Orange themselves for the first time”

The app is built so that new information can be added quickly. It can be updated within minutes by staff at the Orange Visitor Information Centre. This means as new businesses or attractions open or modify their trading hours, it can be kept up to date.

The app was developed based on the type of information requested by customers at the Visitor Information Centre as well as the information most sought after through the Visit Orange website.

“The app is by no means complete. There will be more tours, attraction and businesses added in the coming weeks. If people find an omission then they can email with their suggestions,” Cr Whitton said.

The Explore Orange app is available for free download in both apple and android versions from your usual online app store. Search for Explore Orange.

Information from the Orange City Council Website

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